Captivating Pop Art: John Beckley’s Marilyn Monroe Stencil Masterpiece

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Painting with Stencil

In this article, we will present a Pop Art painting demonstration by the talented artist John Beckley. This artwork represents the face of Marilyn Monroe in a style that blends Pop Art and Street Art. With the help of a unique stencil created specifically for our store, discover the steps involved in creating this fascinating piece of art.

John Beckley’s Pop Art Painting Demo

The style blending Pop Art and Street Art

John Beckley chose to represent Marilyn Monroe in an original style that fuses Pop Art and Street Art. Pop Art, which emerged in the 1950s, is characterized by the use of bright colors and images from mass culture. Street Art, on the other hand, is an artistic movement with roots in graffiti and is primarily expressed in public spaces. This combination results in a unique and daring piece of art.

Depicting Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous icons of American cinema, is the central subject of this artwork. Her face is rendered with great finesse and attention to detail, highlighting the beauty and charm of this iconic figure.

The Stencil

Origin of the Stencil

The stencil used to create this painting was designed by John Beckley himself. In doing so, he created a unique and exclusive tool to bring this artwork to life.

Obtaining the Stencil from Our Store

You can purchase this stencil from our stencils store to recreate this beautiful painting at home. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and discover the various art pieces we have to offer. Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Stencil

The Painting Process

Using the Stencil and Spray Paint

To begin, John Beckley placed the stencil on the canvas and lightly sprayed paint. This step allowed him to determine where to place the various colors of Marilyn Monroe’s face.

Adding the Face Colors

After marking the face contours using the stencil, the artist added the colors that make up Marilyn’s face. He used vibrant and contrasting tones to showcase this cinema icon.

Painting the Background

Once the face colors were applied, John Beckley tackled the background of the canvas. He chose complementary shades to create a striking contrast with Marilyn Monroe’s face.

Creating the Black Contours of the Face

To give more depth and dimension to his work, John Beckley then placed the stencil back on the canvas and traced the black contours of the face. This step reinforces the graphic aspect of the painting and highlights Marilyn’s facial features.

Darkening the Background to Bring Out the Face

Finally, the artist darkened the background behind Marilyn’s face to further emphasize this iconic figure. This final touch gives the artwork a more dramatic and intense appearance.


John Beckley’s Pop Art painting demo is a striking example of the fusion between Pop Art and Street Art. With a unique and exclusive stencil, the artist has successfully created a captivating artwork depicting Marilyn Monroe. Remember that you can purchase this stencil from our store to create your own version of this painting.


Q1: Can I create this painting without any painting experience?

A1: Absolutely! The stencil greatly simplifies the process, even for beginners. Feel free to try and express your creativity.

Q2: What type of paint should I use to create this artwork?

A2: John Beckley used acrylic paint and spray paint. Both types of paint are suitable for this style of creation.

Q3: Where can I purchase the stencil?

A3: You can buy the exclusive John Beckley stencil from our online store.

Q4: Can I use this stencil to create other artworks?

A4: Yes, you can use this stencil to create different art pieces by changing the colors or style to personalize your creation.

Q5: How long does it take to create this painting?

A5: The time needed to create this painting depends on your experience and skill level. However, with patience and practice, you can create a similar artwork to John Beckley’s within a few hours.

Q6 : Do you have other Pop Art stencils?

A6: Yes, we recommend that you visit our Pop Art Stencils category to see our other designs.

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