From Canvas to Art: How John Beckley Creates a Stencil Pop Art Portrait – A Step-by-Step Study


The Style of the Painting

Fusion of Pop Art Style

The artist John Beckley offers us an impressive demonstration of his artistic skills by merging Pop Art style with an abstract-style background. This unexpected combination gives life to a unique piece of artwork, evoking a sense of modernity and dynamism.

The Subject of the Painting Demo

The centerpiece of this demonstration is a captivating portrait of a young woman. The framing, focused only on the head and shoulders, emphasizes the intense expression and precise details of the face, giving it a lively and realistic aspect.

Materials Used

Acrylic Paint and Spray Paint

John Beckley mainly uses acrylic paint and spray cans to bring his works to life. These two types of paint allow for vibrant colors and a unique texture, essential for the Pop Art style.

Artwork Created on Canvas

The canvas is the ideal medium for this type of work. It offers a smooth and durable surface that can withstand the many layers of paint used in the creation process.

Title of the Work and Canvas Size

The work, titled “Neon Dusk,” is created on a size 25 FIG canvas, measuring 65x81cm. The size of the stencil used by John Beckley is slightly smaller, measuring 64x80cm.

The Stencil

John Beckley’s Drawing

The stencil used in this work was carefully drawn by John Beckley himself for our stencil shop. Slightly inspired by the manga universe, this stencil gives the artwork its unique character and allows for the creation of a precise and detailed portrait.

The Creation Process

Abstract Background

The first step in the creation is to make a colorful and dynamic abstract background using acrylic paint. The background consists of three main colors: yellow, red, and black, which blend perfectly to create a vibrant backdrop for the portrait.

Paint Splatters

After creating the background, John adds paint splatters using a dropper. These splatters bring an additional texture effect to the work and add a touch of spontaneity and movement.

Use of the Stencil

Once the background is completed, John places the stencil on the canvas and applies a light layer of black spray paint to reveal the outline of the portrait. This process is crucial for defining the shape and details of the face.

Painting of the Inside of the Face

John then paints the inside of the face in a turquoise-tinted white. This fresh and bright color contrasts with the dark background and adds depth to the portrait.

Addition of Colors

After painting the face, John replaces the stencil and adds the colors that make up the face and hair. He uses shades of red and pink for the hair and a dark turquoise for the shadows of the face and clothes.

Layer of Black with Spray Paint

Once this step is completed, John replaces the stencil and applies a new layer of black spray paint. This accentuates the outlines of the portrait and adds additional depth to the work.

Paint Splashes

Finally, John removes the stencil and adds new paint splashes with the dropper. This final touch provides an artistic finish to the work.


John Beckley’s Tips

John Beckley also shares a few tips for successfully creating a piece of artwork of this kind. For example, he recommends adding weights (like mechanic washers) on the stencil to prevent the spray can from lifting it. You can also use a brush or magnets to keep the stencil in place.

John Beckley’s Training

You can learn all of these techniques and many others by enrolling in John Beckley’s “Abstract Painter Elite” training. It’s a unique opportunity to develop your artistic skills and discover the secrets of creating an impressive piece of artwork.

The Importance of Painting

Painting is a wonderful way to express your creativity and relax at the same time. Each brushstroke is an opportunity to get lost in a world of colors and shapes, to let your imagination run free, and to create something truly unique. So why not give it a try? Grab a brush, some colors, and let yourself be carried away by the art of painting.

Call to Action

If you’re impressed by John Beckley’s work and would like to create your own piece of art, why not purchase the stencil used in this demonstration? With this stencil, you’ll be able to recreate the beautiful portrait of this young woman and develop your own artistic skills. So don’t hesitate! Click on the link below to buy the stencil and start your artistic journey today.


In conclusion, this demonstration by John Beckley shows us how a simple canvas can be transformed into an impressive work of art by merging the Pop Art style with an abstract background. Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, there is nothing more rewarding than creating your own work of art. So why not give it a try?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the style of the work? The work is a fusion of Pop Art style on an abstract background.
  2. What type of paint does John Beckley use for his works? John Beckley mainly uses acrylic paint and spray paint for his works.
  3. What is the size of the canvas used for this work? The canvas used for this work is size 25 FIG, which is 65x81cm.
  4. Where can I buy the stencil used by John Beckley for this work? You can buy the stencil in our stencil shop. Click here to purchase it.
  5. Where can I learn the techniques used by John Beckley? You can learn John Beckley’s techniques by signing up for his “Abstract Painter Elite” training.

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