Street Art Stencil: Creating ‘Modern Romance’ with John Beckley’s Techniques

Street Art Stencil: Creating 'Modern Romance' with John Beckley's Techniques

Welcome to the vibrant and expressive world of Pop Art/Street Art, where bold colors and daring patterns come to life on canvas. Today, we take you behind the scenes of the creation of “Modern Romance,” a captivating work by renowned artist John Beckley, in collaboration with our talented graphic designer Franck. This piece, part of the “Expressions of Love” collection, celebrates love and passion captured through the dynamic technique of stenciling.

Inspiration and Mastery: A Street Art / Pop Art Painting Demonstration with John Beckley

Discover the painting demonstration, a unique opportunity to see John Beckley, an accomplished artist, in action. This demo isn’t just a show, but a source of inspiration and guidance for those who wish to explore the world of art with our stencils. By observing John’s mastery and technique, you’ll learn how an artist can transform a simple canvas into a magnificent work of art.

This enriching experience aims to encourage and guide art enthusiasts, regardless of their skill level, to create their own masterpiece using the same tools and techniques. Let yourself be inspired by John’s skill and creativity, and use this Street Art demonstration as a springboard for your own artistic journey.

John Beckley and Franck: A Unique Collaboration

John Beckley is an artist whose mastery of Pop Art extends well beyond traditional boundaries. His collaboration with Franck for our stencil shop is a synergy of creativity and innovation. Franck brings his graphic flair, merging artistic visions to create pieces that speak to a modern audience.

“Modern Romance” and the “Expressions of Love” Collection: Portraits of Love in Stencil

The creation of “Modern Romance” by John Beckley is just a glimpse into the captivating theme of the “Expressions of Love” collection. Centered on love and passion, this collection features ten unique stencils, each illustrating couples in intimate moments. Each stencil, a collaboration between John Beckley and Franck, offers a unique perspective on loving embraces. These artworks, accessible to our clients, are an invitation to explore and recreate the tenderness and connection of love through stencil art.

Complete collection of 'Expressions of Love' stencils featuring a variety of romantic motifs, each illustrating a unique couple in the midst of intimacy and love.

Technical Details of Modern Romance

The work, created on an 81×100 cm canvas (size 40F), showcases Beckley’s skill in manipulating acrylic paint and spray paint to create a complex and emotionally resonant image. The corresponding stencil size, 80×100 cm, was used to accurately trace the contours of the enamored couple.

Creation Steps of the Work

To bring “Modern Romance” to life, John embarked on a dance with colors and shapes. Here’s how he proceeded:

1 – The Colored Base

With shades of fuchsia mixed with white, John laid the first layer directly on the canvas, avoiding a too uniform look and preparing the ground for more texture.

First creative step with John Beckley applying fuchsia and white tones to the canvas to create a textured, non-uniform base.

2 – The Movement of Colors

Shapes were added with very liquid paint, allowing gravity to pull sinuous lines on the vertical canvas. This technique introduced a captivating element of spontaneity into the work.

The second stage shows John Beckley adding highly liquid paint, forming sinuous lines under the effect of gravity on the vertical canvas.

3 – The Stencil in Action

Carefully placing the stencil on the canvas, John drew the contours of the couple.

Pro tip: for clean edges, he used washers to keep the stencil in place and prevent the spray paint from lifting the edges.

John Beckley precisely placed the stencil on the canvas to outline the couple, using washers to hold the stencil in place.

4 – Light and Contrast

With the addition of white, John brought light and contrast to the piece, highlighting the faces of the couple against their vibrant background.

In the fourth stage, John Beckley adds white paint to illuminate and create contrast, highlighting the couple's faces.

5 – A Touch of Blue

The color blue was reserved for the male character, adding depth and an extra dimension to the work.

John Beckley appliquant une touche de bleu pour le personnage masculin, ajoutant profondeur et dimension à l'œuvre.

6 – The Final Details

A final pass with black spray paint brought out all the contours and details, giving the couple a strong and defined presence.

Dernière étape de peinture où John Beckley utilise une bombe de peinture noire pour définir les contours et les détails du couple

7 – Masking the Junction Points

After removing the stencil, John carefully masked the junction points, the small areas where different parts of the stencil meet. With surgical precision, he applied black paint with a fine brush. This step is crucial: it ensures perfect visual continuity and prevents distracting breaks in the image. It’s a detail that makes all the difference, giving the work that impeccable and finished look, so characteristic of John’s work.

John Beckley perfected the work by masking the junction points of the stencil with black paint for perfect visual continuity.

8 – Artistic Finishing Touches

Drips and paint splatters were added with a pipette, giving the work an authentically ‘street’ finish.

Artistic finale with John Beckley adding drips and sprays of eyedropper paint for an authentic 'street art' effect.

The Masterpiece Revealed: Discover “Modern Romance”

After following the meticulous creation steps, here is the long-awaited moment: the admiration of the final result. The image below captures the essence of “Modern Romance”, a work where passion and precision blend. Each stroke, each drip, and each shadow reveal John’s talent and his ability to transcend the stencil technique. Let your gaze get lost in the details of this canvas, where Pop Art/Street Art meets the intimacy of a moment forever frozen in time. This piece is not just an artistic representation; it’s a visual narrative of modern love, a testament to the magic that can be created when art and emotion unite.

Modern Romance' by John Beckley, showing a couple kissing, done in Street Art style with bright colors and dynamic stencil techniques.

The Inspiration Behind the Work

“Modern Romance” captures the intimacy of a shared moment between two lovers, a universal theme that resonates with each of us. John chose colors that symbolize the passion and energy of love, while adding a touch of modernity with elements of Street Art.

How to Recreate “Modern Romance” in Your Own Style

Inspired by “Modern Romance”? Here’s how you can create your personalized version of this artwork:

  1. Choose Your Medium: Whether it’s canvas, acrylic paper, watercolor, or even a wall, select a medium that suits your preference and what you have at hand.
  2. Select Your Colors: While John opted for shades of fuchsia, white, blue, and black, feel free to choose colors that speak to you. Whether you stay true to the original or opt for a completely different palette, the key is to let your creativity shine.
  3. Explore Different Mediums: Just like the flexibility in color choice, don’t hesitate to experiment with different types of paint. Although John used spray paint and acrylics, watercolor or other mediums can also yield excellent results.
  4. Prepare Your Creative Space: Ensure you work in a suitable space, well-ventilated if you are using spray paint. Protect the surrounding areas and wear appropriate clothing for painting.
  5. Unleash Your Imagination: Art is a personal exploration. Let your intuition and emotions guide you in creating your version of “Modern Romance”.

Necessary Materials

To start your creation:

  • A medium of your choice: canvas, acrylic paper, watercolor paper, wall, etc.
  • Paints in your chosen colors, including the possibility of using watercolors or other types of paint.
  • A black, odorless spray paint for details, if you choose to follow this technique.
  • Street Art stencils from the “Expressions of Love” collection, adapted to the size of your medium.
  • Various sizes of brushes to apply the paint.
  • Weights or magnets to fix the stencil.
  • Tools for finishing details, such as a pipette.

Taking the First Step: Starting with Stencil Art

Stencil art, more than just a technique, is a gateway to a unique artistic universe. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or simply looking for a creative outlet, stencils offer a fantastic opportunity to create impressive works of art with surprising ease.

Why choose stencil art? It’s an extraordinary tool, not only for its ability to produce precise results for beginners, but also for its iconic status in the art world. World-renowned artists like Banksy, Blek le Rat, and Miss.Tic have elevated stencil art to a major art form, each with a distinct and powerful style. Their work shows that stencil art can be a powerful means of expression, capable of conveying strong messages and captivating a wide audience.

By embracing this technique, you can:

  • Explore a Unique Style: Stencil art allows you to create artworks that stand out for their clarity and visual impact, enabling you to leave a strong and recognizable artistic imprint.
  • Gain Confidence: Ideal for beginners, stencil art provides a structured framework that reassures while allowing a wide margin for creativity and personal expression.
  • Express Your Creativity: Even when following a template, there is always room for innovation. Choosing your colors, playing with textures, and adding your personal touch all make your work unique.
  • Achieve Gratifying Results: Stenciling is an excellent way to produce artworks that appear both complex and professional, offering immense satisfaction.

Dive into the world of stencil art and discover the joy of creating something beautiful and meaningful. Each creation is a step toward your own masterpiece, a personal interpretation of “Modern Romance”. Who knows, you might even find your path in the fascinating world of stencil art!

Where to Buy the “Expressions of Love” Stencil?

Inspired by John Beckley’s “Modern Romance” and eager to create your artistic version? The stencil used by John for this piece is reference EL0005, a key element of our captivating “Expressions of Love” collection. Each stencil in this series has been carefully crafted by John, offering a range of expressive designs to explore various facets of love.

To purchase stencil EL0005 or explore other patterns in the collection, visit our online store. Here are two links to facilitate your choice:

  • Click here to access stencil EL0005 directly.
  • Explore the entire “Expressions of Love” collection here. Whether you aim to precisely recreate “Modern Romance” or express your own interpretation of love through art, our stencils are the perfect tool to unleash your creative potential.

Elite Abstract Painter Training by John Beckley

For those looking to deepen their technique and immerse themselves in the world of Pop Art and Street Art, John Beckley offers a course named “Elite Abstract Painter”. Discover all the secrets of his techniques by signing up here.

Community Engagement

We would love to see your interpretations of “Modern Romance”. Share your creations with us and feel free to leave a comment to share your experience or ask questions.


“Modern Romance” is more than just a work of art; it’s a call to creative expression and a celebration of love. We hope this overview has inspired you to pick up your brushes and leave your mark in the world of art. Get started, and don’t forget to share your passion and creations with our community.

FAQs on “Modern Romance” and Stencil Technique by John Beckley

  1. Q: What inspired “Modern Romance”?
    • A: John Beckley was inspired by love and passion to create “Modern Romance”. He aimed to capture the intimacy and emotional connection of a couple using vibrant colors and bold Pop Art techniques.
  2. Q: Can I recreate “Modern Romance” at home?
    • A: Absolutely! With the right materials, especially the “Expressions of Love” stencils available in our store, you can follow the steps outlined in our article to create your own version of this work.
  3. Q: What materials are needed for this project?
    • A: You’ll need a canvas of the appropriate size, acrylic paints, black spray paint (or a dark color), stencils from the “Expressions of Love” collection, and some basic tools like fine brushes and a pipette.
  4. Q: How long does it take to create a work like “Modern Romance”?
    • A: It depends on your experience level and working speed. Generally, it takes several hours to build the different layers and allow the paint to dry between stages.
  5. Q: Are John Beckley’s stencils suitable for beginners?
    • A: Yes, our stencils are designed for artists of all levels. The detailed instructions and practical advice provided by John Beckley in his “Elite Abstract Painter” course are also an excellent resource for beginners.