Walls that Speak of Love: ‘Amour Naissant’, a Stencil Collection Inspired by Street Art

Collection of 'Amour naissant' stencils depicting children in love

It is with immense pleasure that we announce the launch of “Amour Naissant” which can be translated as ‘Budding Love’, a stencil collection unlike any other. Designed for tender-hearted artists and romantic souls, each stencil in this series of 10 pieces is a tribute to pure and sincere love as it can be experienced and expressed in the innocence of childhood. These stencils are not just artistic tools; they are the messengers of your most heartfelt creations, those that will illustrate emerging feelings on urban canvases and beyond.

Inspiration Drawn from the Streets of the World

“Amour Naissant” is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the artist John Beckley and our passionate graphic designer Franck. Together, they tapped into the raw energy and expressiveness of street art to shape works that captivate both the eye and the heart. Each stencil opens a window to a world where art knows no boundaries, directly inspired by icons such as Banksy, Blek le Rat, and Miss.Tic.

A Tribute to Love through Brush and Spray Paint in ‘Amour Naissant’

In our “Amour Naissant” collection, children are the artists of their own love stories. Armed with brushes and spray paints, they express themselves by drawing hearts on walls, timeless symbols of affection and tenderness. Each stencil depicts a scene where the innocence of first emotions blends with the spontaneity of street art, offering an authentic and poetic representation of love seen through the eyes of a child.

Discover the Creative Process with John Beckley: An Artistic Demonstration of ‘Amour Naissant’

To enrich your experience with “Amour Naissant”, John Beckley captured the essence of this collection through a captivating artistic demonstration. In this video, you have the privilege of observing the artist at work, painting from start to finish, a true immersion in the creative process. This demonstration, more than just a presentation, is a source of inspiration that invites you to explore your own creativity using these stencils to bring to life colorful and moving works.

Unleash Your Inner Artist with ‘Amour Naissant’

Intended for artists from all walks of life, “Amour Naissant” is a true catalyst for creativity. Whether these stencils serve to embellish the walls of your workshop, your studio, or your home, or whether your creations are meant to be exhibited and sold in art galleries, each work made with these stencils will bear the imprint of your talent and artistic vision. It’s an invitation to tell your own love story with art, through unique and personal expressions.

Let ‘Amour Naissant’ Inspire Your Artistic Palette

Each stencil in the “Amour Naissant” collection is an invitation to explore and expand your artistic palette. Imagine the endless possibilities: from black and white compositions, marked by simplicity and elegance, to vibrant color works that capture the joy and spontaneity of childlike love. “Amour Naissant” is your gateway to a world of creativity where each creation is a celebration of art and emotions.

Join the Artistic Movement with ‘Amour Naissant’

We are eager to see how you will interpret “Amour Naissant” and to witness your own masterpieces born from this collection. Do not wait any longer to unleash your creativity and become part of this unique artistic adventure. Order your “Amour Naissant” stencil series now and start transforming your ideas into tangible and expressive art.

Share your creations with our community of passionate artists and be inspired by the works of others. Together, let’s turn the walls of the world into canvases of love and personal expression.

Order “Amour Naissant” today and let your art speak!

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