Create Your Own Street Art: Painting Demonstration with ‘Amour Naissant’ Stencils

Create Your Own Street Art: Painting Demonstration with 'Amour Naissant' Stencils

In the vibrant world of street art, expression takes shape and life on urban canvases, and today, we invite you to dive into this artistic movement with an amazing demonstration. Our artist, John Beckley, in collaboration with graphic designer Franck, presents “First Love”, a work created on an 80×80 cm canvas, capturing the essence of childlike love through one of the exclusive stencils from our “Amour Naissant” collection.

A Window into Creation: Witness the Birth of an Artwork Live

Before delving into the heart of our creative process, we invite you to watch a unique kind of painting demonstration: the creation of the “First Love” artwork, perfectly embodying the essence of our “Amour Naissant” collection. This video offers you a front-row seat to watch the transformation of a blank canvas into a vibrant tribute to love, captured by the expert hand of John Beckley. Follow each step, from the initial sketch to the final touch, and let yourself be inspired by the magic of art in action.

The Creation Process: A Window into Urban Art

1 – The Grey Background: John starts by painting a background in shades of grey, evoking the atmosphere of an urban wall.

2 – Graffiti and Shapes: With an urban flair, he enriches this background with stencil-created motifs and writings reminiscent of those found on city walls, imbued with the spirit of graffiti.

John uses a brick wall stencil.
John uses a "no posting" stencil.
John enriches the background with stencil-created motifs and writings found on city walls.

3 – Placement and Masking: The stencil is carefully positioned, and the characters are masked to paint the heart in a vibrant red, avoiding any red on the characters themselves.

Pro Tip: For sharp and precise contours, John weighs down the stencil with weights or uses the tip of a brush for perfect stability, not forgetting magnets if the work is done on a vertical canvas.

Placement and masking of the 'Amour Naissant' stencil to paint a red heart without bleeding onto the silhouettes of the children.

4 – Revealing the Silhouettes: Once the masking is reversed to cover the heart, John uses black spray paint, bringing the characters to life.

Revealing the silhouettes with the 'Amour Naissant' stencil, after reversing the masking and applying black paint.

5 – Light and Contrast: The interior spaces of the characters are then painted with white to create contrast and brightness.

Adding light and contrast to the characters with white paint layers in the 'Amour Naissant' stencil.

6 – Finishing Touches and Contours: A final application of the stencil allows John to add a last layer of black spray paint, refining the details and contours of the figures.

Precise finishing touches and contours made by John with the 'Amour Naissant' stencil, highlighting the figures with black paint.

7 – Shadows and Relief: To finish, he applies gradients of black paint, giving volume and depth to the children depicted.

Applying gradients of black paint to add shadows and relief to the children's silhouettes in the 'Amour Naissant' stencil.

The Canvas Revealed: “First Love”, a Tribute to Pure Love

The creative journey reaches its climax with “First Love”, a canvas where street art and the innocence of childhood converge. Before you stands a captivating work, the result of a process as natural as the emotion it embodies. The two children, immortalized in a tender gesture, bring to life this bright red heart – vibrant and bold – that captures the eye and stirs emotions. This creation is not just an image; it’s an invitation to feel and share the spontaneous beauty of love.

Finished artwork 'First Love' depicting two children in front of an urban graffiti wall, a boy painting a red heart and a girl observing, evoking innocence and love in street art style.

Embark on Creation with the ‘Amour Naissant’ Collection

Inspiration is just a reach away! Whether you’re drawn to the gentle scene of “First Love” or one of the other nine stencils in our “Amour Naissant” collection, each piece is an invitation to express your artistic vision. Select the stencil that resonates with your artistic soul and start painting your story on the urban canvas. Click here to choose your stencil and dive into the fascinating world of street art.

Perfect Your Art with John Beckley

For those ready to deepen their skills and master all the techniques used by John, his painting course is the perfect resource. Discover all the secrets of his art by clicking here.

Share Your Passion

After experiencing this magnificent painting demonstration, feel free to leave your impressions and share your own creations with us. Your feedback is valuable and can inspire a growing community of artists.

See for yourself how “First Love” takes shape and imagine what your talent can bring to the world. Remember, every wall, every canvas is a blank page on which your love story with art can be written.

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