Create Your Urban Mona Lisa: Easy Stencil Art with John Beckley

Showcase image side-by-side of the stencil and the final artwork, illustrating the enthralling transition from a raw creative tool to an urban, contemporary Mona Lisa, showcasing the artistic journey at the heart of the article.

Welcome to the creative behind-the-scenes where artist John Beckley brings to life “Urban Mona,” a vibrant and urban interpretation of Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa, seamlessly blending Pop Art and Street Art. Guided by stencil, spray, and acrylic, we dive into a colorful journey through the creative process, discovering at each step how a blank canvas transforms into an expressive and bold work of art.

Origins and Inspirations of the Work

The timeless Mona Lisa, captivating viewers with her enigmatic gaze for centuries, becomes a muse here for a modern artistic exploration. John Beckley, drawing from the energy of Street Art and the liveliness of Pop Art, reinvents this classic, providing it a new existence on the canvas in “Urban Mona.”

Creation Steps: Transforming a Stencil into an Inspiring Artwork with John Beckley

Step One: Outlining To kick off our artistic project, John carefully positioned the stencil on the canvas, then gently traced the contours of the Mona Lisa with a graphite pencil, thus establishing a guide for the upcoming colors.

Step Two: Crafting a Graded Background Next, John embarked on creating an exquisite background, opting for a nuanced gray that would subtly highlight the vibrant colors he had in mind for subsequent steps.

John creating a nuanced grey background, mixing light and dark tones to create depth before applying the main motif.
John creating a nuanced grey background, mixing light and dark tones to create depth before applying the main motif.

Step Three: Integrating Elements of Street Art

Our artist then dove into a colorful world, introducing hues and elements inspired by Street Art to the background, employing spray paint to incorporate words and shapes reminiscent of graffiti, thereby infusing a visual narrative into the piece.

John adding graffiti elements to the background, infusing energy and urban history with shapes and abstract words evoking the passage of time.
John adding graffiti elements to the background, infusing energy and urban history with shapes and abstract words evoking the passage of time.

The street art elements John embeds in the background are not mere decorations; they serve as a tribute to the roots of urban style, and an attempt to capture the very essence of the street: a chaotically beautiful, yet meticulously organized celebration of life, art, and personal expression. The background isn’t merely a canvas; it transforms into an urban wall that, across time and space, has witnessed myriad passages and diverse artistic expressions.

Envision the background as a wall that has quietly witnessed generations of street artists, each applying their own marks, messages, and colors, overlaying and blending styles, eras, and voices into a single, collectively rich and historically dense piece of art. John, by adding these street art elements to his work, does more than create; he honors an artistic legacy, tells a story, and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world where art and history coexist in a beautiful balance.

Every splash of color, every word, or shape hinting at a word, is a trace, an echo of an artistic voice that once vibrated through this wall, this background. John, by utilizing this multifaceted and multiform background, situates the Mona Lisa, not in a museum, but on the street, making her accessible, vibrant, and current.

There, amidst this ordered chaos, the serene and enigmatic face of the Mona Lisa emerges, creating a striking contrast and a fascinating cohabitation between eras, styles, and worlds. John’s process, while methodical, is also intuitive and free, allowing elements to intertwine organically, birthing a space where the classical and the contemporary dance in an eternal embrace.

And so, through stages and layers of paint, we witness the birth of a piece where respect for classical art and love for the contemporary intertwine, demonstrating that art, in all its forms, is truly timeless and universal.

Step Four: Bringing Mona Lisa to Life

With care, John gently repositioned the stencil and employed a can of black spray paint to unveil the silhouette of the Mona Lisa. Weights, like washers, can be used to hold the stencil firmly in place and ensure sharp edges, or they can be omitted for a rawer, more “punk” effect.

John’s delicate application of black paint through the stencil, unveiling the first glimpse of the Mona Lisa with tips on handling stencil edges for varied outcomes.

Step Five: Detailed Coloring

Next, John delicately infused vivid colors into the design, utilizing shades of red, yellow, and orange for the garments, and skin tones for the face, paying particular attention to details to create volume and depth.

In his urban reinterpretation of the Mona Lisa, John’s color choices for the face were pivotal. He managed to capture Mona’s mystique while infusing it with a modern energy. For the face, John selected specific shades that added depth, contrast, and that unique urban touch. If you’re inspired by his work and wish to recreate the same hues, we have great news! Click the button below to purchase the very same spray paints that John used.

sand light

sand middle


These spray paints are new and aren’t easily found in the USA. You might consider using Liquitex spray paints, which are great for indoor use. John recommends water-based spray paints.

Palette of vibrant colors used by John, applying red, yellow, and orange to Mona Lisa's clothes and skin tones to her face to bring depth.
Palette of vibrant colors used by John, applying red, yellow, and orange to Mona Lisa's clothes and skin tones to her face to bring depth.
Palette of vibrant colors used by John, applying red, yellow, and orange to Mona Lisa's clothes and skin tones to her face to bring depth.

Step Six: Incorporating “Mona”

At this stage, John introduced a “Mona” stencil, also available in our shop, cleverly positioning it behind the main image.

John positioning a stencil named 'Mona' behind the main image, part of the A being intentionally obscured, adding a subtle artistic touch.

Step Seven: Strengthening the Black

John repositioned the stencil and sprayed a fresh layer of black paint to bolster the shadowed areas of the piece.

John’s meticulous repositioning of the Mona Lisa stencil and application of black paint, highlighting the contours of the iconic figure.

Step Eight: Adding “Lisa”

Continuing with the detailing, he positioned and painted the “Lisa” stencil atop the main image, another element found in our shop, while ensuring to carefully shield the rest of the canvas.

John applying the 'Lisa' stencil above the portrait, with a reminder tip to shield the canvas when using spray paint.

Step Nine: Accentuating Facial Details

Work continued with the addition of black paint to bring even more volume to the Mona Lisa’s face, highlighting her delicate features.

John fine-tuning Mona Lisa's face, adding black paint to accentuate and add volume to the facial features.
John fine-tuning Mona Lisa's face, adding black paint to accentuate and add volume to the facial features.

Step Ten: Finalizing with a Modern Touch

To conclude, John superimposed additional elements inspired by Street Art and graffiti, again using spray paint to inject a contemporary urban energy into the artwork.

In conclusion, John overlays street-art-inspired elements to the foreground, subtly blending modern and classic shapes in this unique interpretation of the Mona Lisa.

John Beckley’s Urban Mona Lisa – A Captivating Artistic Journey!

The completed masterpiece by John, showcasing a vibrant and urban reinterpretation of the Mona Lisa, where classic art meets modern graffiti elements, evoking a seamless blend of historical elegance and contemporary street style.

John Beckley’s reimagining of the Mona Lisa is not just a piece of art; it’s a vibrant chapter of a mesmerizing creative adventure! 🚀🖌️ Skillfully blending the old with the new, John has not only honored the essence of the Mona Lisa but has also breathed into her a new life and momentum, rendering her gaze eternally contemporary and distinctly urban.

And here’s the fabulous news: You can create your own masterpiece following the same steps! 🎨

Imagine bringing your own interpretation, your own personal touch to this iconic face. It’s a space where tradition meets your individuality, where each spray of paint symbolizes your creative freedom.

Dive in, trust your artistic process, and create your own Mona Lisa that will not only be a tribute to this timeless classic but also a dazzling reflection of your own story and style. 💖

Allow yourself to be inspired by John and step into a world where classical art and the spirit of street-art become one. 🌟 Your canvas is waiting, and we can’t wait to see where your creativity will take you! 🎉👩‍🎨

Embrace Your Own “Urban Mona”! 🎨✨

Eager to bring your very own Urban Mona Lisa to life on canvas? Now it’s entirely possible with our meticulously crafted stencils, developed with precision and passion to ease your journey in the creative process! We offer two different framings of the Mona Lisa stencil, each providing a distinct artistic perspective, enabling you to explore and express your creative visions in varied ways. Whether you prefer an up-close facial feature or a broader overview, our stencils are here to guide you through your artistic adventure. And that’s not all: by opting for one of our stencils, you’re not only obtaining a top-quality tool for your art but also a gateway to crafting your iconic urban art piece, akin to the majestic Mona Lisa. Make your choice below and begin your adventure into Pop & Street Art with elegance and originality!

Add a personal touch to your artworks with our new word stencils “Mona”, “Lisa”, and “Mona Lisa”, showcased in a vibrant graffiti style! Infuse your creations with character by integrating these iconic words, perfect for communicating with boldness and originality through your art.

Links to John’s Training

If you’re feeling inspired by John’s techniques and yearn to delve deeper, his painting training provides a profound dive into his creative process.


“Urban Mona” is a fusion of worlds, a blend of the classical and contemporary, and a splendid example of what is possible when one allows oneself to be inspired by the past while being firmly anchored in the present. What does it inspire in you?

Questions and Comments

We’d absolutely love to see your own experiments and hear your thoughts on “Urban Mona”. Do you have any questions about the process? Are there other artists or works you’d like to see explored in this way? Share in the comments below!

FAQ – Your Artistic Adventure with the Urban Mona Lisa! 🎨🖌️

Q1: Can I create my own version of the Urban Mona Lisa without any art experience? Absolutely! John Beckley guides each step with such clarity and simplicity that even beginners can create their own masterpiece. It’s your turn to shine in the art world! 🌟

Q2: Where can I find the “Mona” and “Lisa” stencils mentioned in the steps? You can find these exclusive stencils in our online shop. They are designed to help you accurately and easily reproduce key elements of this gorgeous piece. 🛒

Q3: What type of paint is recommended for creating my Urban Mona Lisa? John primarily uses spray paint for this creation, but feel free to explore! Whether it’s acrylic, oil, or something else, the key is to have fun and create! 🎨

Q4: Do I need to follow the steps exactly, or can I make my own modifications? The steps serve as a guide, but your creativity is the star of the show! Feel free to play with colors, shapes, and even the steps themselves. It’s YOUR Mona Lisa after all! 🚀

Q5: How can I share my finished piece with the community? We’d love to see your take on the Urban Mona Lisa! Share your masterpiece on social media using the hashtag #MyUrbanMonaLisa and don’t forget to tag us so we can admire and share your work! 📸

Q6: How do I preserve and care for my painting once it’s finished? Consider applying a finishing varnish to protect your piece from the elements and preserve the vibrant colors. Hang it away from direct sunlight and in a spot where it can be admired by all. Your work is precious, so take care of it! 🖼️

Q7: Are there other artworks or tutorials available to continue my artistic journey? Oh, yes! We’ve created a variety of tutorials and guides for different artworks together with John. Check out our blog for more inspiration and continue this wonderful artistic adventure with us! 🚀🎨

Q8: I have a specific question that isn’t addressed here, how can I ask it? We’re here to help! Send us a message directly on our website or via our social media channels, and we will be delighted to answer all your queries. 💌👩‍🎨

Go ahead, dive in and create, the art is yours to make! 🌈🖌️

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