From a Blank Canvas to a Masterpiece: Uncover the Magic of Stenciling with John Beckley.

Creating an Artwork with a Stencil by John Beckley

Have you ever wondered how a blank canvas becomes a stunning work of art? Let us take you behind the scenes of John Beckley’s creative process, where he used one of our unique stencils to craft the magnificent “Street Safari.”

Introduction to the Process

John Beckley, an associate of our store and the designer of this stencil, is an artist who has made a mark with his creations. Drawing inspiration from Pop Art and Street Art, his pieces exude a distinct energy and vibrancy. In this article, we’ll delve into his technique and show how the “Street Safari” came to be.

The Pop Art & Street Art Style

The vivid colors and bold patterns of Pop Art meet the raw and energetic influence of Street Art here. Against a colorful abstract backdrop, this fusion results in a compelling visual that instantly captivates.

Key Information About the Artwork

  • Artwork Title: Street Safari Artwork
  • Dimensions: 32″ x 32″
  • Stencil Size: 32″ x 32″ – SKU: A0008

Demonstration in Action

To immerse you in the creation of “Street Safari”, John provides a live painting demonstration. Observe every motion, shade, and be guided by the artistry behind this masterpiece. This is a unique opportunity to witness creation in action, and perhaps even find inspiration for your own artworks. Sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold.

Step-by-step Creation Process

Step 1: Preparation and Initial Sketch

  • Description: John starts with a preliminary sketch to have a general idea of where the colors will be. He then carefully positions the stencil on the canvas ensuring perfect alignment.
  • Tip: Ensure your canvas is taut and clean. This makes sketching easier. Use a pencil for light markings that can be covered later.

Step 2: Setting the Background

  • Description: John opts for a gray base, a neutral shade providing an excellent backdrop for the bursts of color to come.
  • Tip: Experiment with different shades of gray by mixing in white for a smooth and gradual transition.

Step 3: Incorporating Street Art Elements

  • Description: At this stage, creativity shines! John uses spray paint to introduce graffiti patterns and splashes of white and blue paint.
  • Tip: Let your inspiration guide you. This is the step where you can truly personalize your piece.

Step 4: Highlighting the Elephant

  • Description: John repositions the stencil and, with black spray paint, brings the elephant to life. Using weights, like washers, ensures the stencil stays firmly in place.
  • Tip: Ensure the background paint is completely dry before positioning the stencil to avoid smudging.

Step 5: Coloring and Internal Details

  • Description: This is where the elephant truly comes to life! John works on the internal details, starting with the legs, and uses various techniques for the inside of the ears, including splashes and spray lines.
  • Tip: Take your time during this phase. The details make all the difference.

Step 6: Brightening Up

  • Description: John employs white highlights to bring forth light, especially on the elephant’s trunk and around its face.
  • Tip: Don’t hesitate to revisit and adjust brightness levels. Sometimes, less is more.

Step 7: Reinforcing the Outline

  • Description: After working on the internal details and adding colors, some areas of the original black outline got covered. John repositions the stencil and adds another layer of black paint to redefine and accentuate the elephant’s contours.
  • Tip: This step is crucial to ensure the elephant stands out against the backdrop and retains a clear silhouette. Make sure internal colors are dry before repositioning the stencil.

Step 8: Final Touches and Drips

  • Description: John applies black over the stencil junction points to conceal them. To inject dynamism, he introduces colorful drips, focusing especially on the ears and trunk.
  • Tip: Using a fine brush allows control over the quantity and direction of the drips for the best effect.

General Tip: Using weights or magnets to hold the stencil is key. This ensures sharp lines and prevents undesired overflows. If you’re working vertically, magnets can be especially handy.

The Completed Masterpiece

After these eight meticulously executed steps, “Street Safari” unveils itself, dazzling and brimming with character. The elephant, a symbol of strength and wisdom, majestically graces the abstract backdrop – a flawless harmony between Pop Art and Street Art. The shades, graffiti motifs, and splatters make the painting come alive, bearing witness to John’s passion at every step of his creation. Now, it’s your turn! Let this process inspire you, dive in, and craft your own masterpiece. Each canvas has a new story to tell, and yours awaits you.

Discover Different Framings

Discover the Creative Abundance of Our Stencil, Offered in Three Unique Framings. These variations are designed to provide artists with an expanded palette of expressions and compositions. Each framing has been meticulously crafted to allow you to vary perspectives, experiment with new compositions, and find the style that resonates best with your artistic vision. More than just a choice, it’s an invitation to explore and push the boundaries of your art!

Take Action: Get Your Stencil Now

Model used by John in the video in size 32″ x 32″

Don’t miss out! Purchase this unique stencil and embark on an artistic journey.

Words That Speak

In this artwork, John has also integrated stencils adorned with words, inspired by the unmistakable style of urban tags. These inscriptions add a modern and dynamic touch, evoking the energy of the streets and the bold language of Street Art. They are not just patterns; they also convey a voice, a signature, enhancing the unique character of the painting.

John Beckley’s Training

Interested in learning John’s secrets? His training unveils all his techniques. A golden opportunity for aspiring artists!

Your Feedback is Welcome

Whether a silent admirer or a passionate critic, we’d love to hear from you. Comment below and share your thoughts!


Artistic creation is a fascinating journey, and with the talent of John Beckley, every step is a revelation. By using our stencils, even you can attempt to recreate or craft your own magic on canvas. So, are you inspired?


  1. Where can we purchase the stencil used by John Beckley?
    • You can buy it directly on our website. Follow the link above!
  2. Is John’s training suitable for beginners?
    • Yes, it’s designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced artists.
  3. Can we use other types of paint with this stencil?
    • Absolutely! While John prefers acrylic and spray paint, you can experiment with other types.
  4. How long does it take to create a piece like “Street Safari”?
    • It depends on the artist, but with practice, you can create your own masterpiece in a few hours.
  5. Why does the stencil need to be held in place with weights or magnets?
    • It’s not mandatory, but it helps to achieve sharp outlines and prevents the spray paint from lifting the stencil.

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