Creating the Infinite: A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting an Astronaut Portrait in the Style of John Beckley

Have you ever wondered about the creative process behind a painting? In this article, we’ll take you behind the scenes of a captivating art demonstration by renowned artist John Beckley.

The Painting: “Facing The Infinite”

Beckley’s work is a fusion of Pop Art and street art influences on an abstract background, culminating in a stunning portrait of an astronaut. The human and spatial infinite come together in a profound visual experience that merges the realism of portraiture with the freedom of abstraction. The work, titled “Facing The Infinite”, is a testament to the artist’s love for space.

Canvas and Stencil Size

John works on an 80×80 cm canvas, a square format that enhances the impact of the central subject. The stencil used, also measuring 80×80 cm, was designed by John himself for our stencil shop.

The Creation Process

John’s creative process is precise and methodical. He starts by creating a vibrant and colorful abstract background, a hallmark of his style.

Step 1: The Abstract Background

To create the background, John uses acrylic paint, applying dynamic strokes to form a vibrant painting.

Step 2: Stencil Application

After crafting the background, John places the stencil and applies a light coat of black spray paint.

Step 3: Removing Unwanted Colors

John then paints over the astronaut’s interior in white, erasing the colors that aren’t supposed to appear in the character.

Step 4: Stencil Reapplication

After removing unwanted colors, John repositions the stencil and reapplies a light coat of black spray paint to bring back the details.

Step 5: Adding Shades of Gray

John then adds shades of gray to create volume within the character.

Step 6: Color Splashes

Color splashes are added to bring life to the character.

Step 7: Finalizing the Stencil

John repositions the stencil one last time to bring back all the details erased by the gray and colors.

Step 8: Adding Dynamism and Life

Finally, John adds color splashes and life to the canvas, incorporating shadows to make the character stand out.

Art Creation Tip

To prevent the spray paint from lifting the stencil, John recommends placing weights (like mechanical washers) on the stencil. He also uses the tip of a brush to hold the stencil in place.

Elite Abstract Painter Training

If you wish to delve deeper into John’s techniques, you can sign up for his “Elite Abstract Painter” training. You’ll learn all of his techniques and tips for creating successful works.

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Awaken the Artist Within You

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own artwork? John shows you that with patience and practice, you can do it. So don’t wait, grab your brush, and let your creativity soar!

Purchase the Stencil

If you want to paint your own astronaut portrait like John, we recommend purchasing the stencil from our shop. It’s a great way to start and progress in your artistic practice.


This demonstration by John Beckley is a perfect example of the fusion of Pop Art, street art, and abstraction. With patience and practice, you too can create expressive and unique artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I purchase the stencil used by John Beckley? You can purchase the stencil from our online shop.
  2. What size is the stencil used by John? The stencil used by John measures 80×80 cm.
  3. What paint does John Beckley use for his works? John uses acrylic paint and spray paint for his works.
  4. How does John create volume in his works? John creates volume by adding shades of gray and playing with shadows.
  5. Where can I learn more about John Beckley’s techniques? To learn more about John Beckley’s techniques, you can sign up for his “Abstract Painter Elite” training.

We hope this demonstration has inspired you and awakened your passion for art. Remember, art is not a destination, but a journey. Each brushstroke brings you closer to your goal. So feel free to experiment, learn, and most importantly, have fun.

And remember: every artist has something unique to offer to the world. So, get inspired, create, and awaken the artist within you. Happy creating!

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  1. You are so exciting, I can't believe what you do. You are such an inspiration but at the same time I haven't started for fear of failing. Abstract never clicked with me me untill I came across you , now you have opened up a whole world to me . One day soon I will take the leap and start painting again and put paint on canvas but untill then I am so excited to see what your next fantastic creation will be.Thankyou from the bottom of my painters heart for the excitement that you bring and most importantly the fact that you are willing to share the whole process with all of us ,you are truly magnanimous.

  2. This article about John Beckley's creative process in crafting "Facing The Infinite" is nothing short of inspirational. The way he fuses Pop Art, street art, and abstract styles to form a captivating portrait of an astronaut is a testament to his artistic prowess. The step-by-step breakdown of his process offers a wonderful insight into the mind of the artist, from the abstract background creation to the precise application and layering of the stencil. I was particularly fascinated by his clever use of color splashes to add a vibrant sense of life to the piece. Eagerly looking forward to more demonstrations of John's innovative artistic techniques. Keep inspiring us, John!

  3. Amazing article! John Beckley's fusion of Pop Art, street art, and abstract is truly unique. The detailed process for creating "Facing The Infinite" was fascinating. I'm inspired by the creativity and attention to detail. Thanks for sharing this journey!

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