Lipstick Rendezvous: A Unique Fusion of Stencils Inspired by Comics in the Lichtenstein Style

Comic book and Lichtenstein Style Stencils

Hello to all our art enthusiasts and creative friends! At, we’re always seeking new ways to enrich your artistic practice.

Today, we’re especially excited to immerse you in a universe where comic books meet the world of art: we proudly present Lipstick Rendezvous, an innovative extension of our stencil range, inspired by the vibrant energy and bright colors of Pop Art.

This collection draws from the bold spirit of comics and pays tribute to the iconic style of Roy Lichtenstein, staying true to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Collection Concept: Glamour Meets Graphics

Lipstick Rendezvous bridges the colorful, exuberant world of comic books with the sophistication of art. Inspired by the captivating aesthetic of Roy Lichtenstein and the dynamic narrative of comics, this collection embodies a perfect synergy between the emotion of Pop Art and the linear, expressive structure of comic books.

It offers a contemporary reinterpretation of femininity through the lens of graphic art, with each stencil telling the story of a woman seizing the power of lipstick, transforming an everyday act into an expression of art and style.

The Creators: An Artistic Synergy

The essence of Lipstick Rendezvous lies in the creative collaboration between John Beckley, our art visionary, and Franck, our multi-talented graphic designer.

Their combination of skills and perspectives has breathed life into a series of stencils that transcend the traditional, blending artistic expressiveness with meticulous attention to detail. It’s a collection that celebrates the meeting of conceptual art and functional design, providing expressive tools that invite experimentation and discovery.

The Collection: A Mosaic of Expressions

Each piece in the Lipstick Rendezvous collection opens a window to the vibrant world of comic books, offering a diversity of expressions and emotions. From introspective contemplation to open seduction, each stencil is an invitation to explore the different facets of femininity through an artistic lens. The striking contrasts, bold lines, and dynamic patterns are at the heart of this collection, making each work not just an art piece but a visual narrative.

  • Pop Art Lipstick Woman Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV001
  • Close-Up Feminine Elegance Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV002
  • Glamorous Woman Close-Up Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV003
  • Retro Style Lipstick Woman Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV004
  • Comic Book Woman Portrait Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV005
  • Vintage Woman Face Portrait Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV006
  • Comic Book Style Woman Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV007
  • Pop Art Style Woman Portrait Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV008
  • 60s Feminine Beauty Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV009
  • Comic Book Style Woman Stencil
    Woman with Lipstick Comic Book Stencil – LRV010

Innovation and Quality at the Heart of Our Approach

Our passion for art is reflected in every project, and John Beckley, with his latest painting Diva Dynamite, once again demonstrates the excellence of our Lipstick Rendezvous collection. For a complete immersion in his creative process, we invite you to read the associated article. Let yourself be inspired and discover how our stencils can transform your art.

Use and Applications of Stencils

We believe in the versatility of art, and the stencils from Lipstick Rendezvous are designed to inspire and facilitate creativity in various contexts. Whether it’s to animate a wall, personalize clothing, or add an artistic touch to everyday accessories, these stencils offer endless possibilities. They are particularly suited for those wishing to incorporate narrative and aesthetic elements of comic books and Lichtenstein’s art into their works, thus adding a new dimension to their artistic expression.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Storytelling Through Art

Lipstick Rendezvous is more than a collection of stencils; it’s a celebration of the art of telling stories through colors, shapes, and lines. It’s an invitation to rediscover beauty in ordinary acts, to transform the everyday into the extraordinary, and to see the world through the colorful and bold prism of Pop Art and comics. We invite you to explore our collection, let yourself be inspired by the fusion of art and narration, and express your creativity without limits.

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