Oriental Mandala Stencil – M0031

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Choose the ideal size for your project from our available options.
The full model delivers a diameter ranging from 8″ to 32″.
The quarter and eighth models are cleverly repositionable, allowing you to create a full pattern. This way, you can achieve a Mandala pattern reaching up to an impressive 80″ (inches) in diameter.

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Immerse Yourself in the Enchanted World of  Mandala with our XXL Mandala Stencil!

Journey into the exotic allure of the Orient with our grand Oriental-style Mandala stencil! Every line, every curve of this stencil captures the essence of traditional Mandala designs. You will be captivated by the beauty and finesse of the patterns, invoking a sense of wonder and contemplation. Use it to enhance your walls, enrich your canvases, or personalize your favorite items. With this XXL Oriental-style Mandala stencil, every creation becomes an artistic voyage to distant horizons. Unleash the sleeping artist in you and embark on the Mandala adventure!

Whether you want to add intricate details to an already painted canvas or bring a new dimension to your wall decor, this stencil is your ideal ally. Simply apply it with a brush, spray paint, or your preferred method, and let your imagination soar!

Mandalas: A Symphony of Shapes and Colors

Mandalas are far more than just drawings. They represent a universe of symbols, a ballet of shapes and colors intertwining in a hypnotic dance. Originating from India, Mandalas have always been used in spiritual and meditative practices, as well as artistic expression platforms. Their radial structure, developing in concentric circles from a central point, invites contemplation and relaxation. Each Mandala is a unique piece of art, a soul map that tells a story, reflects an emotion, captures a moment. With our XXL Mandala stencil, you too can create your own Mandala universe, shape your emotions, and share your world view through this ancient art. So, are you ready to join the Mandala dance?

Sizes for Every Artistic Vision

We designed our XXL Mandala stencil to meet all your artistic expectations. Are you looking for a small model for a Mandala drawing? Or perhaps you prefer to design large patterns on vast surfaces? Whatever your choice, we’ve got you covered! The different sizes available offer incredible freedom to express your creativity. And the most impressive part? Our stencils can reach colossal dimensions up to 80 inches! With such options, even the boldest and grandest ideas come to life. Dive into the creation of majestic patterns with our grand Mandala stencils!

Quality and Durability at the Service of Your Art

Each Mandala stencil we offer is made of durable, easy-to-clean plastic. Reusable and reversible, it’s designed to last, allowing you to create over and over again. Moreover, all our stencils are carefully crafted in our workshop in France, ensuring our skill and superior quality.


  • Format and Size: Choose the perfect size for your project from our available options. The full model provides a diameter ranging from 8″ to 32″. As for the quarter and eighth models, they are cleverly repositionable to create a full pattern. Thus, you can create a majestic Mandala pattern reaching up to 80″ (inches) in diameter with our stencils.
  • Material: Ultra-resistant flexible Mylar plastic, reusable for life if maintained
  • Catalogue number: M0031

In addition to our rich and detailed Oriental-style XXL Mandala stencil, easily create spectacular patterns and unique pieces of art with our wide variety of Mandala stencils. We invite you to explore them in our online shop to enrich your collection and multiply your creative possibilities. Let your imagination run wild!


Full, Quarter, Eighth

Stencil size

8" x 8", 12" x 12", 16" x 16", 20" x 20", 24" x 24", 28" x 28", 30" x 30", 32" x 32", 32″ x 40″


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Instructions for use:
The stencils can be used on all types of media (Canvas, paper, wood, fabric, painted wall, furniture, floor, etc...).
We advise you to do a test on paper, especially the first times.
Place the stencil on the project area. You can hold it in place with your hand or secure it with painter's tape or any other repositionable adhesive. Add the designs to your project using inks, paint, spray paint, applying texture paste or any other type of paint. Gently remove the stencil from the project area to see the result.

How to clean and maintain your stencil :
Stencils are very easy to clean. You can use soap with warm water or solvent, depending on the paint you used.
Then dry the stencil and put it back in its original packaging or in a storage bag to keep it clean. Store it flat and away from heat and sunlight.