Company Origin

The story of My-Stencils.com is rooted in the passionate quest of an artist, John Beckley. In his search for original, professional-quality, reusable, and durable stencils, John encountered a frustrating reality: the market severely lacked what he was looking for. The creation of his own designs stemmed from this need, drawing from his passion for complexity and rich details. From this was born My-Stencils.com, a platform dedicated to stencils.

Unique Concept:

At Mes-Pochoirs.com, our goal is to offer stencils you won’t find anywhere else. Dreamt up and sketched by John Beckley, our designs are exclusive, reusable, and of top-notch quality. Beyond just a product, we also commit to an artistic educational endeavor. By offering stencils in varied sizes and accompanying them with articles, guides, and demonstration videos, we aim to perpetually enhance your artistic journey.

Creation Process:

The creative act always starts with John Beckley, hand-drawing or drawing inspiration from photographs. Following this, our graphic designer Franck steps in to optimize the cutting, before the product is listed online. Personalization is at the heart of our approach: each stencil is crafted on-demand, ensuring it adequately addresses the needs of every artist.

Artisanal Expertise:

The quality of our stencils lies in the material choices: flexible yet immensely sturdy plastic. With the use of high-precision industrial machines, every cut is executed with utmost care.

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Team and Workshop:

Behind every stencil is a team of dedicated individuals:

Artistic Creation

John Beckley

Store Management






Impact and Use:

Our stencils are more than just tools; they’re a source of inspiration. They grant artists the chance to express their creativity, adding a pop art or street art flair to their works.

Commitment to Customers:

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We offer a 30-day return guarantee (on unused stencils), attentive customer care, dedicated client follow-up, and a commitment to prompt delivery. We strive to provide an unparalleled shopping experience.

Future Vision:

The horizon looks bright. Our ambition is to continually expand our catalog with exclusive stencils and introduce fresh designs regularly.

Welcome to Mes-Pochoirs.com, where art and passion intersect.